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Worry or anxiety is thinking about unpleasant or negative events in the past or future. You may feel that  you are experiencing the event , though there is no actual problem at that instant. When a person is worried, the person becomes emotional and shows physiological symptoms like increased heart rate and blood pressure which may cause sweating and bite the lips.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in many developed countries. These disorders affect the immune system and persons who worry a lot are more likely to suffer from ailments. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Younger persons are far more likely to worry compared to elderly persons.


Everyone spends some time of  their life worrying. When you face a problem, you worry and try to use your past experience stored in the mind to resolve it. The mind helps a person adapt to the world and its problems. However, some times, worrying may distract the person from paying attention to the immediate problem or task at hand. For example, many students are anxious during exams and forget about whatever they have studied.


Anxiety can cause emotional stress. If an incident has occurred which upset you and was not resolved satisfactorily,  you may keep on thinking about it in future. It may cause the same emotional stress, though the factors or persons causing it may not be present. Similarly, thinking about an incident which may occur in future, like an accident will cause stress. Though the probability of  the incident occurring may be low, the body reacts to anxiety the same way as it would if  the incident actually occurred.


While planning for the future, may reduce problems , worrying does not help us. Worrying is a habit  we acquire as a result of cultural conditioning. We are bought up to believe that happiness must be "earned"  by  working hard and worrying.  Similarly , by spending money , we are are supposed to be "happy". Like all habits, we can unlearn our worrying habit  by  making a conscious effort. How to stop worrying

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