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Daydreaming  is  thinking about topics and situations which are not related to a person's current situation. They may be related to the person's future plans or past experiences. The person who is daydreaming may appear to be staring blankly, but is disturbed by noise or any other disruption in the surroundings.

Daydreaming is widely considered a non-productive activity, which leads to waste of  time. This is because of  social conditioning, where a person is under constant pressure to produce and succeed. However, daydreaming is natural, everyone spends some time daydreaming everyday. We spend between one half to one third of our waking hours every day, daydreaming. Each episode of  daydreaming usually lasts for a few minutes at a time.


Daydreaming has certain benefits:

1. Daydreaming helps you relax, take a break from your current work. It also helps you to control your fears by thinking about them. 


2. In certain creative or artistic  professions, daydreaming will help in boosting their productivity. Writers and music composers develop new ideas through daydreaming. Similarly, scientists or mathematicians may be able to resolve difficult problems by daydreaming.


3.Conflict can be resolved by daydreaming about it, thinking of  the various options which are available and selecting the best option.


4.For certain boring and repetitive jobs like working on a factory assembly line, or as security guard, daydreaming keeps the mind stimulated. It helps the person spend their time.


5. Studies show that persons who daydream have more empathy, are able to understand the problems others face better.


However, repeatedly daydreaming about a single incident or object can affect daily activities. A person living alone , can further isolate himself or herself by thinking too much about the past.

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